Five Churches and Shrines in Southern New Jersey

St. Jude’s Church in Blackwood, NJ, part of Our Lady of Hope Parish

Mary, Mother of Mercy Parish in Glassboro, NJ. The interior of St. Margret’s Church in Infant Jesus ParishThe exterior of the Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ


Cardinal Egan’s Life and Death, Pope Francis’ Upcoming Trip, Approval Rating, and Threat

Former Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Edward Egan passed away on Thursday. Cardinal Timothy Dolan offers a statement about the life and death of the former archbishop.

Here is the Cardinal Egan’s obituary from The New York Times

According to a new poll, 95% of Catholics and two-thirds of those with no religion, give Pope Francis high remarks.

Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Pompeii offers a unique twist, the city lays claim to a curious story of a former Satanist priest – now on the way to sainthood – and his miracle-working Marian devotion.

The Vatican’s security forces acknowledged that ISIS poses a credible threat to the Pope

Ash Wednesday and Lent Rules, Pope Francis’ Lenten Message and the Church Using Social Media to Promote the Faith

Some quick links about Ash Wednesday and season of Lent in the Catholic Church

In the season of Lent, Catholics must abstain form meat on Friday’s and on Ash Wednesday. Some quick service places offer good fish sandwiches or other alternatives.

What are the rules for fasting and abstinence in Lent? 

A big part of the Lenten season is receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday in mass. Why do we wear them? And what is the point? 

Pope Francis’ Lenten Message calls for interior renewal using three biblical citations.

A common complaint about the catholic church is that it doesn’t develop with the times. A common complaint is “they’re still stuck in the 1600’s”. Or “they can’t cater to young adults and stay relevant”. Well, one example f the the church using social media to further it’s cause took place on Wednesday.

Pope Francis in the Philippines, and on Charlie Hebdo

Unfortunately, the Pope hasn’t exactly said anything controversial or newsworthy lately.  Going back to his visit to the Philippines and Manila last month, Francis made several controversial statements on the plane while speaking to reporters. But, perhaps, his most moving moment of the whole trip, came while he was meeting with survivors of a typhoon that devastated the country in November 2013. Francis told the crowd, “Some of you have lost part of your families. All I can do is keep silent. And I walk with you all with my silent heart” The pope sought to reassure his audience, declaring Jesus would never let them down. 

He also touched upon a controversial subject saying “Catholics shouldn’t breed like rabbits”. Everybody got all wadded up about this, and then, this past Wednesday, Pope Francis said “having more children is not an irresponsible choice” He condemned a society that does not reproduce as a “depressed” society.

Perhaps the biggest quote to come from the Pope early in this new year, he said that if somebody uses freedom of speech as a form of aggression, they can expect a punch.“One cannot react violently, but if [someone] says something bad about my mother, he can expect a punch. It’s to be expected,” the pontiff said. “There are a lot of people who speak badly about other religions. They make fun of them. What happens is what happens with my friend [who insults my mother]. There is a limit.” Some portions of the media portrayed this as the Pope advocating violence. What he’s really saying is to be responsible when talking about sensitive subjects, and if you’re going to say something, almost punch-worthy, or something somebody would get upset over, expect a punch back.

Links, Updates, On Pope Francis’ Philadelphia Visit, Reported Assassination Attempt, and Pope Benedict’s Legacy

Papal Spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, calls the vatican “rumor” of an assassination attempt on Pope Francis while he was in the Philippines “unreliable”. takes a look at when you should (and are allowed to) stay home from mass under Canon Law.’s guide to the upcoming papal visit in Philadelphia in September.

Two articles about the 2-year anniversary of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The first one describes a first hand account of his resignation and the second link looks back on Pope Benedict’s legacy.


Hello. With the Pope coming to Philadelphia in September, and a seemingly new topic of conversation in the church coming up week in and week out, what better time to cover the Catholic Church in South Jersey? Pope Francis has challenged each Catholic to serve the poor, and increase their evangelization. Almost weekly it seems like, the first Pope from the new world is saying something remarkable and news making. And here, on this blog, I’ll remark about what he says.

In South Jersey, we have nearly 500,000 registered Catholics in the Diocese of Camden. From what the Pope says, to local news in the diocese, there is always something to report or remark on. Just this week, it was announced that Pope Francis will become the first Pontiff to address Congress on September 24. I’ll take a look at how the details of his visit when they are released in a few months.

The Diocese of Camden is home to a shrine of Padre Pio, who was one of the most beloved saints in modern history. It expands from the tip of Cape May to Burlington County and its hub sits in the heart of Camden, New Jersey. Being able to see what can happen from a local and international standpoint, and how it impacts the local church, a constant flow of information is available weekly.