Installation Homilies and Themes

I took the Installation Homilies of the last four Popes, and the installation homily of Bishop Dennis Sullivan from the Diocese of Camden, and put them in a visual text formation. I used Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI , Pope John Paul II, and Pope John Paul I.

Each homily had a varying theme. Bishop Sullivan focused more on local themes, than he did on overall church ideas themes
Pope Francis focused on God, Saint Joseph, who’s feast day it happened to be, and the words protect, creation, and care.

Pope Benedict stressed life, god, Christ, church, and shepherd.

Pope John Paul II looked at the word, God, mission, christ, power, and Peter.

Pope John Paul I looked at church, peter, christ, and god.    It is interesting to see how each Pope focused on the same things throughout their homily, yet stressed other things that would foreshadow their pontificate. Pope Benedict frequently used the term “shepherd” and first did so on his installation homily. Pope John Paul II often stressed missionary works and acts and began this theme in his installation homily. Pope Francis took a look at creation, which he vividly says we need to defend, and the word care, which he uses when talking about all of God’s creation.


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